The Bloggers

Meet the bloggers:

Anita Milne: Pastor of the Plainsboro Presbyterian Church, NJ ( I was inspired to teach and preach from The Divine Comedy by a previous lenten blog ( by two of the other bloggers, Jeff Vamos and John Timpane). It worked. I have noticed, like poets and readers of poems, preachers have a love of texts that speak and speak again. Also, Scrabble. I go to Facebook for Scrabble. I know all the 2 letter words and most of the 3 letter words formed from them. I’m also distracted by plans to retire to Geneva NY with husband John. 

David Redman:   Retired academic bureaucrat, clerk of session at Dutch Neck Presbyterian Church, NJ, ( and first-time blogger.  Coming back to the “Four Quartets” at this (late) stage of my life is a little like re-entering graduate school, but without the anxiety of “getting it right.”  As one who loves chamber music, I’m enjoying this engagement with Eliot’s musical poetry.”

John Timpane: Hi, reader. My name is John Timpane. I’m the Theater Critic and Books Editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer and also part of our arts reporting team. I was a college English teacher for 16 years before I became a journalist. I’m also a publishing poet and musician; I’ve been privileged to play many a WiNK and Good Friday service at Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church. A few years ago, Pastor Jeff Vamos invited me to lead a four-part discussion of The Four Quartets for interested parishionersan experience for which I’ll always be grateful. I live in Lawrenceville with my spouse, Maria-Christina Keller.

Jeff Vamos:  Pastor/Head of Staff at The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville (, where he’s been happily serving sinc 2005. An avid Dante fan, he enjoyed a similar project from 2010-2012, blogging ( through The Divine Comedy with his literary colleagues during three successive seasons of Lent. Jeff loves woodworking, poetry, the New York Mets, beer making, and college hoops, among several other pursuits that tend to distract him from his day job.

Noel Werner: Noel Werner is the Director of Music at Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton, NJ (, which he began serving in 2006.  His conservatory and seminary training informs his worship planning and engagement with the professional and volunteer musicians and the clergy and church staff with whom he is privileged to work.  Like many church musicians, the poetry of hymns served as the primary foundation for his faith formation, and he continues to be an avid reader of poetry, secular and sacred, from a wide range of authors and time periods.  His wife, Rev. Wendi Werner, is the solo pastor of The First Presbyterian Church at Dayton, NJ, and they have the joy of raising two wonderful daughters, Sophie and Emily.